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hey guys its zach this is my website. Hobbies: making money, smiling. 23:1:2. Blog post 1 : found out that i can just write stuff where the code is supposed to be and it shows up so im gonna do that from now on :) love, zach 23:1:2. Blog post 2 : MAJOR UPDATES!!! added some nice emojis and made some of the text comic sands. love, zach 23:1:2. Blog post 3 : found this nice picture,one of my favorite ever. had 2 make it small cause it was too big at first. love, zach 23:1:4. Blog post 4 : A big tree fell in my backyard! very riveting stuff. I go back to school in three days and have to do a month and a half of laundry :) love, zach 23:1:26. Blog post 5 : My art piece, named "tras" love, zach 23:1:26. Blog post 6 : peter griffin tshirt love, zach 23:1:31. Blog post 7 : honestly not in a great mood today 23:3:2. Blog post 8 : been trying to do less drugs so my brain funcgtions more. february was just ok. went to some fun concerts, moshing is really good for my ADHD I think. love, zach 23:3:11 Blog post 9 : invented a new meal at 5:30am. scrambled egg, ground beef, beans and rice from tacos, and hella melted cheese on a hot dog bun. maybe im just hihg but it was hella good xo love, zach 23:8:6 Blog post 10 : toasted blueberry streusul bread with herb and garlic cheese i stole fporm grocery outlet :) love, zach 23:8:11 Blog post 11 : thinking about death. people die hella its lowkey sad. love, zach 23:8:15 Blog post 12 : just worked a day at CALPIRG. Complete fucking scam orginization im pretty sure 100% of the money raised goes into covering overhead to send more canvassers out. We only go to the houses of people that have already donated, and idk idc anymore no more tea srry guys love z 23:8:24 Blog post 13 : I now work at a warehouse it is a repetetive task that I actually find kinda nice. Making money. I am chilling at henrys house with his housemates, they are alcaholics, a litte bit stupid, overall really lovely people. Having a better time in general, love to all my fans, especially #1 reader ila <3 23:8:25 Blog post 14 : Work is going well, the people here r chillers. my buddy rodrigo gave me a ride home :) love z 23:9:10 Blog post 15 : moved in all my shit to my apartment. my uncle gave me this arcade thing and I me and ryan played 3 fire games 1. BAD DUDES VS DRAGON NINJA ; THIS GAME IS SICK! you play as these two guys who do awesome kicks and you fight ninjas and save the president. 2. BUBBLE BOBBLE ; this game is prolly the best. your thgese dragons and you shoot bubbles, the game requyires you to run around 2d environments, using your bubbles to hop around, and encasing your enemies in bubbles and hitting them to turn them into food for a high score. 3. JOE AND MAC RETURNS ; pretty much a clone of bubble bobble but lowkey better. your these cavemen its pretty great. two eating based games. love, zach epilogue: violence fight is a very well made fighting game 23:9:24 neo golf 23:12:5 yeah idk bruh ive just been working hella p much. life is a little boring but thats ok